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Every year we organize the STSA Maluku Talent Day in January. Our goal is to organize an unforgettable soccer day for all Maluku kids (and youth soccer players) from our country, this day could be a perfect opportunity for all Maluku families to wish each other the best for the new year. The Maluku Talent Day is intended for Moluccan kids in the age of 5 to 15 years, but of course everybody is welcome to participate. This soccer day will take place in a big indoor facility in Amsterdam.


A professional soccer clinic, especially for Maluku kids, but everybody is welcome of course. Join and experience the STSA Maluku Talent Day and improve your technical skills under the guidance of Simon Tahamata. Learn ball mastery, improve your pass and receiving and make your skills even faster!  Every skill we practice in the morning, you will use during the small sided games in the afternoon. All players will be divided by age and level per session.

Sign up and train together with Moluccan friends and family under the guidance of Simon Tahamata. During this day you will experience how all youth players of AFC Ajax and the STSA Academy improve their technique. The Maluku Talent Day takes place at a indoor facility during the Christmas holidays in January, so bring the right footwear!


• Professional training sessions by Simon Tahamata
• Delicious Indonesian lunch
• Minimum of two drink breaks
• Official STSA certificate
• Photo and signature of Simon Tahamata

• STSA Maluku Talent Day kit
• STSA Maluku Talent Day ball
• STSA Maluku Talent Day drink bottle


Every year we organize one or more Maluku Talent Days. Do you already looking forward to a day like this? Then sign up now!

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