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With STSA every player gets an individual development plan, players and coaches work together on their individual development. The first session is for a new player in the Academy is to get to know the coaches and other players. Many players also have to get used to the fact that they are working with Simon Tahamata, right next to the Ajax stadium. During the second session all kind of tests will take place, the players will be tested by our speed and agility coach on all kinds of physical aspects. In the end of the training serie (9th or 10th session), the same tests will be done again to see if the player has improved on the same aspects as on the second session. During the serie, the coaches keep track of individual development of every player based on the following points:

• Speed
• Explosivity
• Agility
• Coordination
• Basic technical skills
• Creativity


Working in small groups is very important to keep an eye on the individual development of our players. Where we started in 2014 with three coaches, in 2017 we expanded our coaching staff with at least 6 to 7 certified coaches every week. This makes it possibile to work with small numbers and for the players to have a lot of repetitions and many touches with the ball. At the same time, it is easy for Simon, or for one of the other coaches, to give individual attention and feedback to a player. At STSA we have created the ideal situation for the fastest individual development.


During the training sessions of STSA we help every player the best we can to develop his points of improvement and to specialize his strengths.
Because of our individual development plan for every player we are able to see if the player has made progress and on which points we can train them even more intensively. The technical drills is an important part of our soccer academy, but we work with specific drills with focus on the individual player.


Specific training in small groups with their own player development plan for the individual development of every player, that is the Simon Tahamata Soccer Academy. Because of the above aspects we are able to provide personal guidance to each player. At STSA, this goes further than just training on a Sunday morning, we give the players feedback, tips and exercises to work at home throughout the week. In addition, we help and advise our players in their choices on and off the field. Finally, we try to watch some games from time to time so we can see if the players are able to use their skills in the game.