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Our foundation was established to develop and guide young soccer players to realize their personal ambitions. To make this happen, we as a foundation make some costs to help those kids. Such costs vary from, among other things, the rent of the accommodation to train, purchase of clothing & materials and expense reimbursements of the coaches. We are a very healthy organization but we always try to cover our fixed costs as much as possible by sponsors and partners. Below you will find the companies that we work with.


CARE is an all-round cleaning company with its origin in the east of The Netherlands. From a number of branches in the country they serve their clients who are spread all over the country. The head office is located in Nijverdal. Care aims for a cleaner working environment with a total package of facility services. The provision of customized work with the aim of optimizing the client. Optimizing and renewing their business model is the ambition.


Morefootballs is the first webshop “for footballs only”. On their website you can find a selection of junior and senior soccer balls for every club. With their own brand Delantero (the Spanish word for striker) they deliver top quality soccer balls with revolutionary techniques and traditionally hand-stitched balls. Their know-how and years of experience in the design, development and production of soccer balls for the biggest clubs such as Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain has enabled Morefootballs to develop a collection of soccer balls that guarantees the highest FIFA standards. Players play with the best equipment and therefore they are partners with STSA.

Want to know more about Delantero? Go to www.morefootballs.com for more information!


We can imagine that you may be interested in being mentioned with Simon Tahamata in the same breath and that your company logo is associated with the expertise and reliability of a professional such as Simon. However, we are very protected with the name of Simon Tahamata and that is why we do not work with everyone and every company who comes our way.

Do you want to be socially involved, support in developing our talented kids, invest in the players of the future and do you think you are a good match with our Foundation Simon Tahamata Soccer Academy? Let us know!

Send an e-mail to info@stsa.nl to Simon Tahamata